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Message boards

Aborior's Encore Web Forum
Elegant and highly customisable message board to enliven your online community. Fully template driven with features such as chat, user polls and private messaging.

Aimoo Forums
free message boards features include user banning, editing, email notify, HTML remover and language filter.

Amazing Forums
Create free message boards features include user banning, editing, email notify, HTML remover and language filter.

Asiaco Forum
Asiaco Forum - Free message board for your web site

ASP Fast Forum
10-4 Internet Products, home of the ASP Fast Forum webbased discussion forum.

ASP Playground.NET Forum
ASPPlayground Forum, an ASP Forum Software written in ASP for Microsoft SQL Server. This ASP SQL Forum software features threaded discussions and flat message styles for your online communities, and is the fastest message forum application available for A

ASPPlayground Forum
ASPPlayground Forum, an ASP Forum Software written in ASP for Microsoft SQL Server. This ASP SQL Forum software features threaded discussions and flat message styles for your online communities, and is the fastest message forum application available for A

Free messageboards - forum service. Free messagboards. Customize colors, fonts, size, text, unlimited posts. Great design. Free fast, reliable and hosted messageboards. No Banners or pop-ups

BBBS is a fullfledged BBS system which incorporates all of your needs for setting up your own BBS. It contains full Internet and Fidonet support. Fidonet messages and Internet news and email are embedded together with a versatile WWW-based, offline and on

Beeboard BBS
bulletin board software, shopping cart software, and other website programs.

Best Boards
BbBoard, very powerful, feature-packed message board host. We are confident that you will be amazed by our features!

Best Web Board
Best Web Board - An affordable message board system that works on any website. Log in and build something!

Bestweb - Web's best PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL Scripts

Board Nation
Welcome to Boardnation, your ad-free message board host taking all of the confusion and difficulty out of owning a forum. We offer free message baords with no ads for personal and corporate use loaded with features as well as upcoming flagship plans offer

Boardhost is a leading provider of customizable website message boards. Visit now to instantly create a message board for your site.

BoardServer's BoardServer- WebSite Tool: Customizable online message board script, software, forum, community or website society for chats, discussions

Offers an interactive message board tool which helps keep visitors coming back to your web site.

BroadBoard - A World-Class Message Board at an Affordable Price

BuzzPower is a global provider of investment information and technology solutions for the financial services industry.

Cold Fusion Message Board by SmarTek
SmarTek - Advanced Technology Development - Cold Fusion Message Board Software

Delphi Forums
Free Self-Managed Online Meeting Placewith Message Boards and Chat -- forBusinesses, Associations, Interest Groups, or Family Discussions. Privateor Open. Provided by Delphi Forums

DiscusWare is an industry-leading developer of WWW discussion board (message forum) software. Our freeware Discus and commercial Discus Pro software features an attractive yet simple user interface and easy installation.

DK3 Discussion Board
Free webhosting, Free guestbooks, message boards, chatrooms, greeting cards, email form processing, e-commerce, and a ton more! has the best selection of free tools for webmasters.

DKAT Message boards
Creating Message Boards for Corporations, Organizations, and You.

Dynamic Flash Forum
DFF is the message board of the future using PHP and MYSQL, with a fast loading, animated and easy to use Flash interface. Free to use on your site!

e4um is a new company supplying 100% free asp applications, scripts and components

We offer highly customizable free message boards hosted on our server. Visit now to instantly create a message board for your site

Using ezboard's message boards, you can meet people, make friends, find resources, build a fan club, even move your real world group online. You can join a hundred groups - or just one.

Fast Boards - Free Remotely Hosted Message Boards

This web site allows members to create and moderate their own message boards.

Free Forums by ForumCo - Bulletin boards and Message boards.

ForumExperts creates the best forum solutions on the internet.ForumExperts provides forum hosting, branded layout and a wide choice of forum styles for your website.

OneCenter.Com Forum - Community Tools

Free Forums on Free Center
Free Center's free forums list will let you find a hosted message board for your website. Now your users can discuss and interact on a whole new level, talk about your website, meet each other, and much more.

HomePage Tools UltraBoard
Free web tools for webmasters and web developers, including ultraboard, polls, surveys, guestbooks, counters, search engine, message board, free email, website promotion, web search and more free tools.

We provide a Web-based application service that engages business and individuals to build, join and participate in customized and personalized online communities.

iBoard Software is an intranet software or internet software for creating company bulletin boards for job postings, classifieds and event scheduling.

Invision Board
Invision Power Board: Forum Software Free to Use

Invision Board - IBSkins
IBSkins (Powered by Invision Board)

Invision Power Board
Invision Power Board: Forum Software Free to Use

Le Forum
A free, fast, useful and personalized message board on your site

Message board systems - High performance and Custom systems - we maintain, upgrade, store data, and deliver high quality and performance....

M4D.COM - FREE Message Board For Your Website

MarshallSoft Computing
Library component tools for smtp pop3 mime email, ftp, gps, and serial communications supporting c, c++, delphi, visual basic, vb,, powerbasic, foxpro, dbase, xbase, and cobol

Free/GPL universal PHP-based forums engine for real minimalists. Small, simple, fast and powerful. Find more on!
MyForums for cheap forum hosting, providing reliable fast and nearly free online forums. Just $15,- per half yearor $25,- per year!

Create free message boards, forums, chat rooms, surveys, news headlines, XML datalines, calendars, home pages, and more at Network54.

phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customisable open-source bulletin board package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simply and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ. It is based on the powerful PHP server language and

PHPTalk - PHP driven message/discussion board system

POP Forums
POP Forums is a database-backed Web forum system designed for use on Windows Web servers.

PoppyDog Web Tools
Free Forums, Communities, Message, Exchange, Advertising Boards, Hit Counters, Guestbooks and lots more.

Quick Topic
free bulletin boards fully email-enabled. Collaborative document review groupware too. Start a new forum in 20 seconds, without registering. Public or private. free message boards

Free and Commercial Highly Customizable Message Board Solutions/Services.

RemoteAccess Support and Utils
RemoteAccess BBS Support, Utilities, Over 100 Links to RArelated web pages, and much more's DiscussionApp
Message board service with integrated mailing list and RSS syndication.

Tim Tyler develops and hosts first-class, dynamic, database driven, easy to navigate, community based web sites.

Smart Bulletin Board
Smart Bulletin Board allows you to build an online community so your members can communicate with each other making your site a hub of activity.

Snitz Forums 2000
Snitz Forums 2000 - free ASP-based Internet Discussion Forum Software

stereodreamscene Message Boards offer an easy to use and quick way to discuss any topic with friends, colleagues and anyone with a shared interest. No adverts, user log-in, message search and much more, all for a low yearly fee.

TalkSpread Message Board System
TalkSpread Message Board System is a powerful internet and intranet based tool for robust communication among people with common interests, sharing ideas, discussing problems, and negotiating solutions whether they are professional, general, or social.

tribbyBoard - the free PHP/MySQL threaded message board script

vBulletinTemplates - vBulletin Template Mod Resource

VoyForums - Free personal Forum/Message Board/Discussion Board. With threads, forum archives, private forums, and more!

w-agora is web based BBS/forum package. It is entirely customizable throw a web browser. It allows web publishing and file upload

Akiva’s Idea Management technologies and services enable enterprises to collect ideas from employees, customers, partners and suppliers to dramatically improve business performance through rapid innovation and reduced expenses.

XMB Forum - SQL/PHP based message board system which is free to use for commercial or personal use.

Yazd Discussion Forum
Yazd Forum is an open-source discussion forum software. It is very customizable and easy to configure.

Yet another Bulletin Board (YaBB)
YaBB - Yet Another Bulletin Board

Zorum - message board, discussion board, online community, forum software based on php, mysql


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