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Wild FX Flash Text Animator - Flash text effects tool.

Figleaf Software - Flash 5 Demos - Open source Fla's. Many good examples of new features in Flash 5 made by Flash programmer Branden J. Hall.

Channel 88 Media Group - Communications company focusing on design, database, webcasting, flash,and e-commerce services.

Alokator Design Studio - Professional flash banners design, portfolio available.

MAGS Designs - Web design, graphic design, and Flash. Located in Michigan, United States.

Frogmedia - Offers flash, and e-commerce design services.

2Flyer Screensaver Builder - Software for creating professional screensavers that is compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Plays Flash files or online Flash resources in screensavers, support RealPlayer, MediaPlayer or QuickTime formats.

Timms, Traci Kay - StudioTK - Offers web design, Flash, e-commerce and e-learning development. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

A4Desk Flash Builder - WYSIWYG template based software suite for developing Flash menus and Flash Web sites.

Channel Islands Design - Offers design, flash, graphical design, eCommerce solutions, direct mail, and ad campaigns. - Create and edit Flash banners online with a easy to use generator.

Mediawerkz Web Development - Services include site design, Flash animation, 3D animation, Perl scripting and ASP programming.

Flash2Web - Designs and maintains HTML and Flash websites, ASP based database integration, and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) sites.

ScreenTime Media - Software tools convert Macromedia Flash and Director, Apple QuickTime and Microsoft PowerPoint content into screen savers. [Macintosh and Windows]

Nuthing but Flash - A website reviewing well developed macromedia flash websites with links to flash resources and tutorials.

SecretPlus Flash Web Menu - helps web designers to create professional menus for web pages or flash.

Webmonkey - Becoming a Flash 5 Master - In this Flash 5 tutorial, Mike at Webmonkey's teaches you how to animate in a jiffy by running down what tools you need and then showing you how to use them. He stops along the way to cover file optimization, pulldown menus, importing sounds, and the amazing tellTarget action. If you're a beginner, there's plenty here for you to absorb. If you're a seasoned pro, then let Mike take you back to school you for a few tricks to help make your final Flash projects cleaner and meaner.

Marx Design - Web design and Flash development.

Foxtop Publishing - Web site design, flash animation, music loops, sound effects, and recording.

Alien Zone - ShowTime screen saver builder makes it easy to transform Macromedia Flash and Director projectors, PowerPoint presentations, AVI and MPG movies into stunning screensavers. [Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000]

Microluck Flash Toolkit - All in one flash toolkit, to play, record, search, preview, and save SWF from IE Cache. Product specifications, support form, FAQs, and trial download.

Creating Realistic Orbits in Flash - Tutorial explaining the steps necessary to creating a realistic orbit in Macromedia Flash 5.

NeedBanner - Custom animated and flash banner ads. Browse portfolio for banner advertising examples.

Mr. Sites - Web design, Flash, and multimedia development. Located in New York City, New York, United States. - Specialising in Flash design, E-mail games, animation, as well as design. - Flash Help - Flash tutorials and other Flash resources.

Cititech Solutions - Offers design, maintenance, marketing, eCommerce, application development, flash, and training services.

Moonshine Productions . - Web design, Flash, animations, and print design.

Flyte New Media - Web design and new media solutions, such as Flash and QuickTime movies. Located in Portland, Maine.

Flash remoting for PHP - An open source alternative for Flash Remoting.

Morning Mist Studios - Offering web design, Flash animation, logo identity, and print design. Based in New Paltz, New York-based.

Fox Fatale - Interactive design company specializing in Flash, and CD-ROMs.

ScreenSwift - Tenmiles Corp. - Create and convert flash movies into effective interactive screensavers with full sound support and control. [Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP]

Flash Optimizer - Reduces SWF files size up to 60-70% without quality loss using algorythms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts, curves, Z-lib, zero-objects and other optimizations.

Beginners guide - Flash 5 tutorial - Macromedia flash 5 tutorial for beginners

Fantasy Interfaces - Interactive Flash design and development agency. Clients include: Microsoft, AOL, and Warner Bros.

Flash 2 Day - Offers free download of flash template based flash website design program.

Flash Site Navigation Menu - A FlashMX based dynamic solution creates menus for websites.

Flash Thief - Flash tips, tricks and tutorials. Resource collection for new media technologies mainly targeted for Macromedia users.

Clarity Designs - Offers development, DHTML, java, flash, eCommerce solutions and data integration services.

Mini Pork Pies - Web design, graphics, and Flash. Located in United Kingdom.

Flash XML FAQ - A FAQ about using XML with Flash. The FAQ was created as a result of the common questions being asked on the FlashKit XML Board.

Flash 99% Good - This site aims to help flash developers create more usable content using examples and tips.

Nosepilot - Flash animation/art project. High quality music, artwork and animation.

MetalToad Media - Web design, Flash, PHP scripting, shopping carts, and search engine optimization.

Finetime Design - Web development firm located in Southern California; includes Flash, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript/ActionScript, branding, and CD-Rs.

iMEDIA Builders Flash Products - iMB FlareExpress(tm) and FlareWorks(tm) are low-cost, easy to use applications for creating interactive buttons, menus, banners, slideshows, presentations, animations or websites in Macromedia Flash (SWF).

Clear Concept - Offers hosting, design, flash, logos, and search engine services for business.

Jumping Jokes - Interactive cut-out cartoons created with Flash, black humor in the manner of Terry Gilliam - Monty Python

Best Flash Intro Templates - Download flash templates in FLA format.

SWiSHzone - SWiSH2, the Flash creation tool; SWiSHsites, template-based Flash website creator and SWiSHlite, Flash text effects animator. The website also features the SWiSH community, resources, tutorials.

Mannion Web Design - Web design, Flash, Cold Fusion, Javascript, database design, and graphic design. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Swocket - Swocket is a modular open source cross-platform XML Socket server designed to communicate primarily with Macromedia Flash 5 content.

ClienTech Web Services - Offers design, marketing, flash, and hosting services. Specializing in small businesses.

Maximum Interactive - Web design and Flash.

Fresh Fire Media - Website design and hosting specializing in ASP, Flash, and dynamic web applications. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

KoolMoves - Full-featured Flash animation creation program. It can import vector clipart, bitmaps, and sounds. Basic Flash4 actions also now supported.

Flash Toolset - Browse, extract resources, custom projectors, compress, actionscript editor, annotate flash files, unprotect, modify file properties, create files for autorun CD, updated flash news, bandwidth simulator, save flash from internet explorer, and album generator.

Flashcoders Mailing list - Flashcoders is a mailing list focused on providing an online community for programmers working with Macromedia Flash 5 - FlashPlanet has a resource search engine, open source flash files, tutorials as well as sounds for streaming movies.

Electric Rain Swift3D - Stand-alone application and plug-ins for 3DMax, Lightwave and SOFTIMAGE|XSI render 3D vector images and animations. Software exports directly to Macromedia Flash SWF and other vector formats.

Grootlicht Interactive Design - Many links to flash tutorials plus some samples files from a Flash developer in the Netherlands. - A free listing site for Flash designers to show work and exchange tips

CoffeeCup Firestarter - Flash tool that can create complex text and image effects.

Flashmagazine - The place to get reviews and info on Flash and other Vector based products. This free subscriber e-zine features; interviews with leading Flash developers, news reports, and upcoming events in the Flash scene. History of Flash is a 'must read'.

CosmoFlash - Offers design, hosting, database, DHTML, flash, perl, and eCommerce services.

The JGenerator (Commercial) - Advanced generator of dynamic Flash content. Emulates Macromedia Generator and works with its objects, commands and data sources.

FlashFilez - provides Flash resources including templates, tutorials and samples are provided.

Toon Doctor - Many interesting tutorials for the Flash animator. Animated screen shots ease the process. - Free Flash files and tutorials. Lesson covers animation, drawing cartoons, creating cool buttons, and text design. Free files posted weekly.

FT11 Interactive Group - Flash and multimedia web design. Interactive e-mail and CD-ROM solutions.

Flash Scene - Flash community with downloads, links, news and competitions.

swf2avi - Free Flash to video converter. swf2avi converts Flash movies (SWF) to video files (AVI) or image sequences (BMP or JPG) - including all movie clips and ActionScripts.

FlashDevils Community - Resource for users of all levels with tutorials, interviews, downloadable Flash files, and a friendly forum.

mProjector - Windowless flash projector. Changes Flash player's shape dynamically with each frame, in real time. Flash MX compatible. - Resource site for Flash 5 and Flash MX Actionscript.

Optimaze! Flash Compression Tool - for vector optimization and compression of Flash 3, 4, 5, MX and Swift 3D SWF files.

Flipped Industries - Flash design and development company specialising in data driven Flash sites. Based in South East England, UK.

Flashtools - Tips and tricks for Flash developers, actionscript tutorials, and Flash related news from a variety of external sites.

Flash Text Scroller Wizard - Free tool allows you to design Flash text scroller in a few steps.

Flat Stories - A group of designers using Flash to create dynamic information mechanisms for the web. Specializes in database driven web applications. - Components for Flash designers that make special effects easy: just drag-and-drop, ActionScript coding no longer required.

Liatro SWF Decoder - Liatro SWF Decoder lets you extract all resources from Flash movie file(SWF).


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