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All Season Clipart - Free graphic images and holiday clipart to download for use on web pages.

DeityDiva - Tubes and Blade Pro and Super Blade Pro presets, web graphics, clipart, and desktop art with celtic and pagan themes.

Webweavers Clipart Collection - High quality images, animated and still graphics are available.

Clipart Junction - 1000s of quality clipart and animations.

Weidemyr Clipart - Original, sorted, free graphics for the Internet and offset.

Texas Rose Graphics - Site is in English and EspaƱol. Browse 690 seamless background image tiles with codes for triple tile pages free for a link. Also a collection of clipart free for a link back.

Chantessy's Rainbow Magic - Games, puzzles, online coloring, clipart, and mini mysteries to solve.

Wedding Clipart - Professional-quality, vector-based clipart, stock images, and templates to create wedding invitations, programs, announcements, photo albums and other love-related materials. Membership is required.

BarbsPics.com - Personal reviews and screenshots of 100s of sites featuring clipart, photos, pictures, animated gifs and web graphics.

Cool Designs - Free backgrounds, border backgrounds and clipart.

The Kidz Page - Cool games, puzzles, music, postcards, coloring pages, cyberpets, clipart, and projects for home.

Real Estate Clipart - Images designed specifically for Real Estate related websites, plus over 2,000 more high-quality web graphics for members.

Free Graphics and Graphic Tools - Free clipart, animation, backgrounds, bullets, bars, borders, icons, logos, banners, holidays and others.

The Gif Warehouse - Animated gifs and clipart, lines, bars, buttons, icons, and medical images.

WorldVillage Kidz - Online games, postcards, puzzles, girls and boys picks, screensavers, and clipart offered.

1 Clipart for any occasion - Offers clipart for businesses, and personal use. Unlimited downloads of all images for a yearly membership fee.

Clipart Links for Busy Teachers - A clipart directory designed with teachers in mind organized by themes with brief descriptions of content for each of over 750 web sites.

Ozwebster - Clipart, backgrounds, 2D and 3D animations, animated fonts, and other web art. Also web design.

Frits' Honda Goldwing Clipart - Clipart featuring the Honda Goldwing motorcycle.

Clipart by EcardFriends.com - Royalty free clipart includes categories of Christian, baby, wedding, food, flower and several others.

100000FreeCliparts - Clipart, wallpapers, 3D and 2D animations, funny pictures, web graphics arranged by category in a drop down menu. Furnishes a 'Lightbox' feature that saves images for later use or has the images e-mailed in ZIP format.

Pumpkin Clipart - Over 50 different pumpkin images for free.

ChristiaNet: Free Clipart - Clipart in various categories available for download.

Japanese Clipart and Gif Animations - Blinkies and links to animated GIFs.

Heart To Me - Original web graphics consisting of clipart, icons and buttons, lines, bars, background tiles, borders, themed and seasonal sets, and animated GIFs. Free for both personal homepages and commercial site use.

Horse Heaven - Site contains clipart and a horse adoption barn.

Cool Clipart and Pictures - A growing collection of original and free clipart and pictures.

Graphiweb - Free web graphics and website design: buttons, borders, dividers, backgrounds, dingbats, banners, animated gif, banners, sets, clipart, and pictures.

Free Wedding Clipart - Clipart arranged in categories.

Animation Factory - Thousands of free 3D animated gifs, clipart and graphics. Flags, buttons, dividers, icons, bullets, animals, and people.

Free Holiday Graphics - Holiday clipart, backgrounds, borders, line, images and animated images.

Horse Shoez - Jamie's online horse club for horselovers of all ages, including breed information, rider help, and clipart.

Free Clip Art - Totally free clipart that has been collected and categorized in an easy to find manner. Search function available.

Simply The Best 1 - Provides over 18,000 free graphics including over 10,000 free backgrounds, clipart, buttons, textures, icons, wallpaper, animated gifs, and animated dividers.

Here Be Dragons - Clipart, bars and buttons, animation, backgrounds, and icons for personal web sites.

Holiday Insights - Insight into all the holidays, big and small, and around the world. Facts, information, fun, games, Ecards, clipart, and links.

Telephone Art - A collection of telephone art with over 4000 phone graphics, clipart, payphones pictures cell phone photos and telecom images of all kinds.

Pokeydots Graphics - Free clipart, animations, transparent gifs, backgrounds, buttons, page dividers and e-cards.

FreeFever Graphics - Over 10,000 free clipart images, icons, textures, fonts, buttons and backgrounds.

Flower's Holiday Pages - Holidays poems, jokes, and clipart.

National Clip Art Gallery of Canada - A collection of Canadian clipart.

KiLLerCloWn's MameWorld Rips - Original arcade clipart rips some are animated others are logos for use on web pages.

Groovy Girl Graphics - Backgrounds, clipart and page sets with a swinging 60's theme.

Square Dancing Icons and Clipart - Five pages of square dance art, including icons and animated GIFs.

Honda Goldwing Cliparts - Offers 613 images of clipart of the Honda Goldwing motorcycle.

Animated Gifs and Graphics ByDezign - Thousands of animated GIFs, original web graphics, clipart, backgrounds, themes and an ever-growing selection of fonts, all free for the taking.

Absolute Web Graphics Archive - Features over 10,000 buttons, bullets, clipart and web graphics.

Clipart for Embroidery Designers - Resource for embroiderers who are looking for original and fresh designs to digitize and sell.

Ace Desktop Online - Offers free clipart categorized into easy to navigate categories covering the alphabet to the weather.

Faerie Garden - Animated fairies in GIF format and clipart.

Witty1 Productions, Inc - Web graphics and clipart.

Snjezana Clipart - Authors's original cliparts (people at work, animals, transportations, Croatia, Croatians), animated Gif's, and backgrounds.

JAC Clipart Archive - Free 3D gray icons, web graphics, clipart and animated GIFs categorized in categories for easy download.

Active Gifs - Over 4500 animated GIFs, and web clipart.

Cool Archive - Free archive of 1000+ clipart, 4000+ icons, 950+ fonts, animations, sounds, applications, html and Photoshop tips, plus an online button maker and logo generator to create graphics.

Armorial Gold Heraldry Clipart - The most complete selection and highest quality Heraldry clipart anywhere - Over 12,000 art pieces.

AllFreeClipArt.com - Clipart acquired from a number of different sites on the Internet. Index listing to other related clipart sites.

Sandys Playground - Free for personal use, clipart, web graphics, backgrounds, borders, buttons, dividers, animated globes, smiley faces, and butterflies. Poetry with images of fairies and angles. Free personalized email signatures made to order.

GraphXKingdom - Free graphics icons, clipart, custom buttons, and interfaces.

Cascoly Quadzle Screensaver and Clipart Collections - Free screen saver with royalty free photographic images in various sizes, BMP, GIF or JPG, in sets of 20, and format used by Quadzle puzzle program. Order expanded sets on disk with 20 images or CDs with hundreds of images.

Image Export - Offers free clipart, with thousands of images, buttons, backgrounds, animated GIFs, and patriotic images.

The Daily Image - A free animated clipart sent by email each day.

Cool Web Designs 4 U - Collection of clipart, backgrounds, and animated web graphics gathered from the Internet and put into one site.

J's Magic Free Easter Graphics - Clipart of baskets, ducks n' chicks, dividers and titling, eggs, religious, bunnies animated, and bunnies inanimate.

Snow Dream Animations - Designed for all ranges of Internet users who are looking for entertainment, downloads, free animations and clipart.

Kirakar's Free Graphics - Free for commercial and personal use tiles backgrounds and clipart of hand drawn faces.

LoveNotes - Cards, notepads, announcements, invitations, labels and stickers customized with clipart or photos.

Classic Clips Clip Art - The fifties classic clipart, 40s 50s style clipart and resources.

Princess Animated Gifs - Animated GIFs, background sets, clipart, bars, buttons, signs, and other computer graphics.

Ms. Graphics - Lines, tiles, backgrounds, clipart of all kinds even Victorian ladies, and Image Maps with coding.

Personalize It Cards - Invitations, announcements, correspondence cards and note pads customized with clipart.

Clipartspage Start4all - Large page of links for clipart, the global virtual Internet site.

Music Graphics Galore - Large collection of free music graphics, images, clipart, icons and backgrounds.

ClipArtConnection.com - Resource for all types of clip art and digital imagery, thousand's of local images plus hundred's of clipart related links. One of the largest single clip-art resources on the web.

Peixinho Christmas Gifs - Offers seasonal and miscellaneous gifs, plus clipart.

Shawn's ClipArt and Webateria - Find unique and fun clipart and webart, icons and cartoons for personal and non-profit sites. Transparent gifs.

Mousepad Designs by vikimouse - Country graphics, clipart, desktop themes, and web sets for basket collectors.

GlamBam Animations - Collection of original and archive animations of animated signs, arrows, buttons, bullets, clipart, wallpaper and backgrounds.

my-clipart.net - Bilingual site of clipart, web accents, buttons, and a collection of animated smileys faces.

Tiny Tots Rabbitry - Information for beginners, breeders, free clipart, rabbit links, photos and classifieds.

Sports Clipart.com - Collection of links found on the Internet to clipart, graphics and pictures including baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.

Goofy Graffix - Clipart, animated GIFs, and custom graphics, logos, animation services.

Tricia's Graphics Links - Animation, clipart, and web graphics, with links to other sites for bars and lines, backgrounds, images, custom signatures, tutorials, and music.

Celtic Clipart - Offers free graphics including buttons, crosses, fonts, animals and borders.

Clipart By Gifart.com - Offers commercial clipart and web-ready graphics. Membership required.

GIFAnimations - Collection of free animated GIFs, clipart, and backgrounds arranged in categories.

Norm's Graphics - Animated GIFs, clipart, and web graphics for personal use only.

Celtic Clip Art - Some sample gif images of Celtic knotwork.

ClipsAhoy.com - Free original clip art. Requests Welcome. Great place to find unique clipart. Look through over 230 categories including animals and celebrities.

Country Luv'n Clipart - Free for a link, original hand drawn country graphics for personal homepages. Offering dolls, bears, critters, kitchen, angels, sets, tiles and custom design services.

Karen Shader Designs - Hand-painted watercolor backgrounds, buttons, "smushies" and others.

Noetic Art - Original clipart organized in categories. In addition, three fonts in both Windows TrueType and Adobe Type 1 formats.

Clipart Freebies from JGWeb - Cartoon clipart in several categories, also web page dividers, tags, buttons and signs.

New World Creations - Graphics for pages including clip art and backgrounds.

Railroad Clipart Page - Railroad related clipart available for webpages or presentations.

School Related WEB Graphic Images - The Hoxie School Image Gallery is a collection of school and education related GIF graphic files that include bars, animation, letters, and many other items.

Free Chinese Symbols Collection - Clipart symbols in GIF format for web design, art design, tattoo sample and educational reference.

Graphics by Craig - Free original graphics, clipart and backgrounds.

A Cat Lover's Paradise - Includes clipart, poems, facts, links.

UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library - Language-teaching GIF clipart for use in low-level language courses. Images arranged in a drop down menu or search by keywords.

Fuzzy Faces Free Doggy Graphics - Linkware dog clipart, themed designs and complete web sets, including agility and obedience designs as well as some animated GIFs. Graphics are only to be used for building web pages within the parameters of "The Rules".

Cat Basket - English and German versions. Clipart, greeting cards, art, web design.

ClipArtGallery.com - Clipart for holidays like Halloween and Christmas, sports like golf and football, and design elements like balls, buttons, backgrounds and arrows.

Darling Daisies - Free linkware graphics comprising of clipart, web sets, and backgrounds.

DiscoverySchool - Offers educational resources for students and teachers. Includes educational games, a directory of homework help sites, lesson plans, and a free clipart gallery.

Tracy's Graphics - Selection of clipart and animation, categories include cats, cartoons, dogs, valentines, birds, butterflies, and St Patricks Day.

Kathleens Kamelot - Animation, clipart, web graphics and backgrounds with a medieval style.

iBrowse - Web graphics and clipart collection arranged in categories of animations, arrows, backgrounds, bars, bullets, buttons, and icons. Preview the images with a background color tester.

Clip Art Warehouse - Icons, animated GIFs, matched sets, buttons, backgrounds, lines, and banners. The vast majority of the graphics are original.

Virtual Quincy Christmas Directory - Provides links to clipart, music, Santa Claus, recipes, decorating tips, traditions, stories, & crafts.

Cheryl's Image Gallery - Original, hand drawn clipart designed for the web and free to use on personal or commercial web pages. Gallery contains images of icons, bars, clipart, backgrounds, textures, tutorials, coloring books, cut up dolls, Paint Shop Pro Tubes, tips and numerous other graphics.

Clipart and Things-Free Site - Graphics resource site with holiday pages, web sets, backgrounds, buttons, applet codes, html tips, recipes, themes, and links.

Christmas Graphics - Graphic directory for Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and snowman clipart and animation.

Creative Insanity, Inc. - Clipart by Noreen Strehlow that has been used as a resource for teachers and students. Numerous categories to choose from.

Purple Woods Web Graphics - Original linkware backgrounds, clipart, borders, buttons, and matching sets and dividers.

Clipart-Graphics.net - Site provides 13,000 free clipart images, animations, bullets and buttons.

School Icons Club - Cute educational icons, clipart, linkware backgrounds, buttons, and counter digits.

Soccer Media and Games - Pictures, screensavers, animated clipart, sounds / music, games, and original animated clipart.

Spot's Graphics Archive - Collection of free all-purpose clipart, navigation, animal, religious, pagan graphics and animations.

Designed To a T - Free linkware dividers, backgrounds, bordered backgrounds, clipart, and bullets for personal or commercial use.

Petanque Clip Art and Pictures - A collection of clipart and pictures related to petanque.

Disney's World of Wonders - Tribute to all the wonders of Disney. Includes over 150 exclusive clipart images plus bars, borders, backgrounds, logos, theme sets, and animated gifs. This site is in no way endorsed by the Walt Disney Company.

Artist For Hire - Free graphics, including clipart, wallpaper, screensavers, web page templates and buttons. On site search engine available. Authors may submit works. Links to other related graphic sites. Custom graphic design services are offered.

Mousegrafix - Vector animal and miscellaneous clipart and Paint Shop Pro 7 tubes.

SiteKits - Matching prepackaged web site templates archived into one compressed file. Free for non-commercial use. Also, links to clipart, fonts, and web authoring.

The Clip Art Palace - Graphic enthusiasts exchanging ideas and offering clipart, web graphics collected from the Internet and categorized, Paint Shop Pro tutorials, and a chat room.

Nuke Templates - Templates for PHP powered sites, including phpnuke, phpbb, and postnuke oscommerce. Includes clipart, fonts and web editing tools.

Multimedia/Hypermedia - Gallery of multimedia content. Features ASCII art, audio, background images, clipart, maps, MOD soundtracks, and Quicktime video clips.

The ShockZone - Free web graphics, clipart, and animations.

Dreams Designs - Border and background web sets in a variety of styles, also Christmas clipart.

Holderness Rangers' Guiding Resources - Ideas and resources for all Guides and Girl Scouts - clipart, themes, crafts, fundraising.

Cyberbreezes - Free ocean clipart for personal use.

Faeworld Designs - Offers linkware web sets on a diverse subject matter arranged in categories. Animated and static clipart, poetry and snow globes.

Lyse's Guiding Resources - Includes campfire songbook, programme ideas and links, wide games and guiding clipart.

Allcliparts.com - Free clipart, animations, icons and backgrounds, arranged in categories.

Lissy's Cyber-Pet Adoption Agency - Animated clipart including dogs, reptiles, rodents, dragons, and fantasy creatures.

Best of GuidingUK - The webpage for an email community of over 1000 guiders. The site has many resources for the guider - unofficial "Go For It" packs, activity ideas, hints and tips, clipart, help on themes, recipes, songs and help with forms and unit administration. You can also send a Guiding e-card from here.

Daves Trackside Train Gifs - Computer generated train GIFs created as clipart. Several fallen flag railroads and scenes featured.

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